Reflection on #100ActiveDays

So you tried 100 Happy Days but 71% of you didn't complete it due to time constraints. That is to say that 71% of the people who had the inclination to try and live 100 Happy Days found that it was too time consuming. What does that say about the society we live in? Imagine how many Happy Days the people who couldn't be bothered starting the task had, and we start to paint a pretty bleak picture of global happiness.

This got us thinking in the Movement, Science and Wellbeing headquarters in Austria...

If you ask people all around the world what they wish for their loved ones HEALTH and HAPPINESS and almost invariably the top of the list yet more and more we are citing we dont have time to prioritise these ideals. This is evidenced by growing incidence of childhood depression, obesity, arthritis, learning difficulties and other lifestyle related issues. These young people, our loved ones, learn and develop my mimicking us. They see us, adults, too busy to be happy and too busy for physical activity and they learn this, and they are learning it earlier and earlier.

Marianne Williamson famously stated that "out deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, it is that we are powerful beyond all measure", and this has never been more true in the case of inspiring ourselves and those around us to be more active!

Together we are asking you to consider your life being physically active every day. What would that look like, what would that feel like, and what impact would that have on your experince of life, your energy and your happiness? Of equal importance, what impact might that have on those around you?

Make the committment right now to live 100ActiveDays then Tweet (#100ActiveDays) every day to share the joy of activity with the globally active community. Inspire change for a happy and healthy you, a happy and healthy community and a happy and healthy world!

Hear from Jeremy House about his #100ActiveDays Journey!


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