A new vision and a new life for 'physical education' based on the synergy between authentic, holistic approaches to human development, movement and physical function, and, the emerging research on wellbeing and human flourishing! An MSW curriculum emphasises the 'study' of ones self and how to maximise our experience of life on earth. 



Kids love to run, jump be active and happy! Adults love to do these things too, but we are taught patterns of thinking and behaving that limit our capacity to do so. A 'movement' approach, nurtures an understanding that our bodies were designed to move and that our physical capabilities are never fixed (at any stage of the lifespan), rather they reflect our historical, and recent affinity for the particular movement. 

We base our activity around play and exploration. Our bodies have an amazing absorpative and adaptive capacity and hence more movement exposure leads to more movement potential. As such we take a 'movement literacy' approach to physical development. 


The four strands of 'movement literacy' are


1) locomotion and travel, 2) coordination and manipulation, 3) postures, positions, poses and patterns, and 4) dynamic body positioning and control. 



To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.



We believe that human flourishing is the ultimate goal of any educational endeavour and ultimate goal of life. Human flourishing is a dynamic construct that encapsulates both how we feel and how we function within the world. Given the complexity inherent in the construction of wellbeing for individuals, and the associated requirement for autonomy we seek to give students the tools to understand and steer their own flourishing. Drawing widely on experts in the field of positive psychology, as well as traditional and behavioural economics we introduce a circular flow model of wellbeing that empowers students to maximise their life experience.


* This model is currently being published and more literature on operationalisation of this model will be available throughout 2016