To infuse and enthuse the world with movement and wellbeing!




Happier people and a happier world


People who are free in their own bodies and minds


More of us reaching our full potential in life




Playfulness – approach learning with a flexible and open mind


Presence – be present with your body and with your thoughts


Practise – practise until the practise becomes permanent


Potential – commit yourself to achieving more than you would ordinarily be comfortable speaking out loud.

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msw play copy.jpg

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2014-05-12 16.47.58.jpg


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What some people say:  

"Not sure if there has ever been a smarter, simpler or more beneficial way to get active than with 100ActiveDays".


- Don.

""I wanted to start of by thanking you for your thoughtful, informative and kick ass session. For me, it was the highlight of the conference"


- Gregory.

"I am very inspired by your approach".


- Rebecca